Drift Buffet is an event many years in the making. Started in 2007 as a Pro-Am competition, it is an event by drivers for drivers.
We are overwhelmed by the support we have received regarding the return of Drift Buffet on February 1st, 2015. We are excited to reintroduce the event to the today's drifters and proud to reunite the original Drift Buffet family.

Drift Buffet 
Making drifting fun again.

DriftKnuckles.com is proud to present the return of Drift Buffet.

Grange Motor Circuit on Feb 1st 2015
Price is $80 for a full day of drifting, lunch and water will be included for the drivers.
Event will be capped at 15 drivers for maximum seat time.
For registration email your full name, phone number, car info and emergency contact to sales@seriousfab.com
Paypal payments to: Contguir@gmail.com